25 beautiful St. Valentine’s Day Images to Keep You Inspired

We present your attention 25 beautiful and inspiring images of St. Valentine Day.

Every February we celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving flowers, candy and cards to those we love. We do this in honor of Saint Valentine. St. Valentine Day has an interesting history and traditions.

Traditionally, spring begins on St Valentine’s Day (February 14th), the day on which birds chose their mates. In parts of Sussex Valentines Day was called ‘the Birds’ Wedding Day’.

Perhaps we’ll never know the true identity and story behind the man named St. Valentine, but this much is for sure…February has been the month to celebrate love for a long time, dating clear back to the Middle Ages.

It was not until the 14th century that this Christian feast day became definitively associated with love. According to UCLA medieval scholar Henry Ansgar Kelly, author of Chaucer and the Cult of Saint Valentine, it was Chaucer who first linked St. Valentine’s Day with romance.

1. Valentine’s Day wreath

Valentine's Day wreath

Author: moonlightbulb

2. Heart


Author: ~CaptainCandyPants

3. iPhone Background – Hearts

iPhone Background - Hearts

Author: Patrick Hoesly

4. iPhone Background – Hearts

iPhone Background - Hearts

Author: Patrick Hoesly

5. Heart


Author: Patrick Hoesly

6. Valentines day

Valentines day

Author: *evilqueen950

7. Heart


Author: ~addicted2love

8. :heart:


Author: ~Weazler

9. Paper heart

Paper heart

Author: ~naduss

10. Heart


Author: ~Despotasula

11. Cold Heart

Cold Heart

Author: ~Sunshine-in-a-bag

12. Heart


Author: ~SunshineBee

13. Take My Heart – WP

Take My Heart - WP

Author: `Lilyas

14. Heart Full of Stars

Heart Full of Stars

Author: *silverbeam

15. Shape of my heart

Shape of my heart

Author: =lpdragonfly

16. Heart of Candles

Heart of Candles

Author: ~Darkness-in-the-lens

17. Heart


Author: ~mov-terabyte

18. The Heart

The Heart

Author: ~morphinum

19. Heart


Author: ~Yaninah

20. Rose and Heart

Rose and Heart

Author: *mari-na

21. Valentines Day – Kitty

Valentines Day - Kitty

Author: ~DarkuAngel

22. Shadamy Valentines

Shadamy Valentines

Author: ~Animegirl300

23. Valentines Day

Valentines Day

Author: *svet-svet

24. Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day

Author: ~303aegiszx

25. I :heart: you

I :heart: you

Author: *ironicna

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