25 Cute Small Animals Photography

Nature is amazing but photography of little animals may be hard and dangerous. Domestic and wild animals protect their children from the sight of people. For some pets, a beautiful photograph capturing their best qualities is very easy, while for others it is frustratingly elusive.

We tried to collect this small animal’s photography by selecting the best and cutest images available over Creative Commons License.

Most of the ones found in these pictures are pets, those tiny souls that bring us joy even in the darkest day with their big eyes and loving hearts.

Today we present you 25 cute small animals photography.

1. Baby Kimba

Baby Kimba

Author: by Sanae78

2. Frog of Flowers

Frog of Flowers

Author: by hakukamizaki

3. Baby Duck

Baby Duck

Author: by jamessayers

4. Baby red pandas

Baby red pandas

Author: by wildwolves



Author: by nakedxsnapex

6. Baby wolphin

Baby wolphin

Author: by Mark Interrante (aka pinhole)

7. Animal Farm: Sheep

Animal Farm: Sheep

Author: by Yndra

8. baby dog

baby dog

Author: by alessandra luvisotto

9. Taking a closer look

Taking a closer look

Author: by Ferdi’s – World’s

10. Young Zebra

Young Zebra

Author: by rayand

11. Puma


Author: by ven-

12. Angry Kitten

Angry Kitten

Author: by hhsara

13. running horses

running horses

Author: by just4you

14. Puppy


Author: by voidx

15. little dog

little dog

Author: by mn-que

16. beautiful puppies

beautiful puppies

Author: by dani_gi

17. Baby Common Seal

Baby Common Seal

Author: by woxys

18. Baby G’raff

Baby G'raff

Author: by Misty-Dawn

19. Baby Cow

Baby Cow

Author: by ruudjunk

20. Baby Barn Owls

Baby Barn Owls

Author: by Queli-Kachina

21. Baby boar

Baby boar

Author: by Jay-Co

22. Red Pacifyer Squirrel

Red Pacifyer Squirrel

Author: by hyperwittlebunny

23. Spring chicken

Spring chicken

Author: by VimperfVoyou

24. I can’t believe it, they are taking pictures again

I can't believe it, they are taking pictures again

Author: by xZaiko

25. My Adorable Puppies

my Adorable Puppies

Author: by Shrikestrike

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