40 water photography and underwater world images

Today we present you 40 water photography and underwater world images.

Water is one of the largest resources of our planet. Water covers Earth over 70 percent. No wonder there are many animals and plants live on or under the water. All known forms of life depend on water.

Lakes, waterfalls, rivers big and small, rain and ocean – water photography may be found everywhere around you. However some underwater world images require special equipment and training before you will be able to take pictures. As you see water photography may be challenging but exciting.

We hope that by providing these high quality photos, people will better understand the beauty of our water resources.

All photographs on this page are licensed Creative Commons Attribution. All images link back to the author, feel free to visit their pages to find more details.

1. Playing with water

Playing with water

Author: by crazyhorse

2. Water Explosion

Water Explosion

Author: by Light-Hiruma

3. Water drops

Water drops

Author: by Makau

4. save water

save water

Author: by serso

5. Corsica


Author: by createsima

6. Water Drops

Water Drops

Author: by abiel-upt

7. Underwater


Author: by spekulator

8. Echoing Water

Echoing Water

Author: by Dalberti

9. water drops blue

water drops blue

Author: by pistolstar

10. Water Lily

Water Lily

Author: by cycoze

11. Clear water

Clear water

Author: by qute

12. apple and water

apple and water

Author: by deejaymiky91

13. Lime Light

Lime Light

Author: by matchstick

14. Serenade of Water

Serenade of Water

Author: by kire1987

15. Water Drops

Water Drops

Author: by stop2pray

16. Water


Author: by lixom

17. Abstract Raindrop

Abstract Raindrop

Author: by mapelc

18. Glass of Water

Glass of Water

Author: by NurNurIch

19. Water Bubbles

Water Bubbles

Author: by ilco

20. Water Drop

Water Drop

Author: by rainbowboo

21. Yellow Fish in Blue Water

Yellow Fish in Blue Water

Author: by RDSDESIGN

22. Water Nymph

Water Nymph

Author: by NerySoul

23. Diver Underwater

Diver Underwater

Author: by hamletnc

24. Water figure

Water figure

Author: by firework

25. Key West Seascape

Key West Seascape

Author: by Winterdove

26. Water Goddess

Water Goddess

Author: by Sugargrl14

27. Splashing Water

Splashing Water

Author: by Jonas-b

28. Water fairy

Water fairy

Author: by alexiuss

29. Underwater


Author: by barunpatro

30. Water Falls

Water Falls

Author: by trixie-bell

31. Sea Star

Sea Star

Author: by jan-willem

32. The Water

The Water

Author: by leepawlowicz

33. Key West Seascape

Key West Seascape

Author: by winterdove

34. Underwater Dreams

Underwater Dreams

Author: by miamiamia

35. Dutch jetty

Dutch jetty

Author: by Chemtec

36. Swedish summer

Swedish summer

Author: by lezeppelin

37. melting hearts

melting hearts

Author: by kalilo

38. Lone Tree Under the Water

Lone Tree Under the Water

Author: simmo333

39. Fish Collection

Fish Collection

Author: by phr159

40. Scubadiving-safari


Author: by diko1967

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