Flash Tutorial: Creating a Clock/Calendar with Actionscript 3.0

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Hang around and create this nice little date and time clock/calendar using Actionscript 3.0! We will cover grabbing the correct time from the user’s computer and punching that info into dynamic text fields.

This tutorial should be pretty easy to follow so spend a few minutes, try to create your very own clock, and learn a thing or two!

Flash ActionScript 3.0 and XML Basics – AS3 XML Tutorial

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Free Source Files: http://www.developphp.com

In this lesson i go way in depth with explaining and giving free working example source file about how programming external xml files into Flash CS3 or CS4. AS3 programming tutorial by FlashBuilding

Flash CS4 Tutorial Course – Understanding Panels Lesson 1

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http://www.1stoptutorials.com/Flash-Tutorial-Panels.html – Now we are going to get in to something a little bit harder. We are going to learn about the difference between shapes and objects. Using Symbols in Flash is one of the most important building blocks there is. Understanding how to use them will make you have more power and control and will also reduce file size.

Drop Down Menu and Linking It: Flash Tutorial!

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In this tutorial we will start from scratch and build a navigation bar and then convert one of

the buttons to a drop down button. We will also learn how to link the buttons within the drop

down to sites and pages out on the web!
Check out www.tutvid.com for more videos and downloads!

Adobe Flash Tutorial- How to Design a Cartoon Environment

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In this lesson I show you how to create an outside cartoon environment. This was once a premium tutorial for download and no longer contains the example file. For more tutorials check out: http://www.incredibletutorials.com

Sparkle, Glimmer, Twinkle Animations Flash Tutorial CS3 CS4

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Download – http://www.developphp.com

This free Flash vidoe tutorial is compatible with all versions of flash authoring and actionscript. We demonstrate how to create cool animated sparkles, glimmers, and twinkles. I am working in FLash CS3 and Fireworks CS4 in this video to make workflow faster. You can simply grab my source file and use my sparkle clip in many locations on top of an image or object in your fla file.

Load & Unload Multiple External SWF files Tutorial in Flash ActionScript 3.0

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Learn Adam’s simple load and unload method for external swf files, jpgs, or whatever. Free Flash Actionscript 3.0 video tutorial and source file.
Source Files – http://www.developphp.com

Dynamic Flying Birds: Flash Tutorial! Place Movieclips w/ AS 3.0

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In this video we will draw and animate a bird(a pretty sad looking bird if I so so m’self) and then we will use Actionscript 3.0 to load (aka get)it out of the library and place it at a random start point and let it fly across the screen. Lots of great script in this one! Please check out the site http://www.tutvid.com

Learn AS3 Action Script 3 Basics Tutorials.

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1. Learn AS3 Action Script 3 Basics Tutorial. In this tutorial you will get a intro in adobe as3

2.Learn how to rotate and accelerate symbols in Flash CS3 CS4, using ActionScript 3.0. It may help your animations a little.

3. In this video we will learn how to communicate with and use buttons in Flash CS3 using Actionscript 3.0. There have been some significant changes to the way flash deals with buttons etc… but this video will solve your problems! We will cover editing a symbol’s alpha, navigating a time line, and linking to a URL or Website on the web via your flash button. Check out http://www.tutvid.com for more great videos!

KnowFlash.com – Create A Cartoon Head Flash Tutorial

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Learn how to create fun cartoon head with Flash with animated eyes. This example can be used to create some company animated logo