25 Free High Quality Brick Wall Textures and Patterns for Your Projects.

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Day 244Today we present you 25 high quality brick wall textures and patterns. Some projects may require brick wall textures and designer should be ready for that challenge. Ironically, even the usual brick walls can be very different.

First, all the bricks vary in color, quality, degree of wear and how they are put together. The brickwork also has a lot of options: longitudinal, transverse, herringbone pattern, etc. Any brick wall has many angles from which it looks completely different.

A variety of brick wall textures is large: different stitches, color and type of bricks, the materials used – different combinations of these elements makes the walls textures unlimited.

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25 Monumental Mountain Pictures to Keep You Inspired

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Today we bring you a collection of mountain pictures. Those images have beautiful scenery, majestic mountains and wonderful composition.

Mountain LightThe most beautiful places of our planet are impossible to list but you can try to identify those that will not be forgotten. Some of these places, of course, will be the mountains. Snowy peaks forever hidden in the clouds and their greatness and the invulnerability will always attract many people.

Photos of mountains are among the most impressive that can create a photographer. Very often to take a good picture of mountain ranges photographer has to overcome the difficulties of the rock climbing.

The designer can use the photos of mountains in the works that would emphasize the grandeur and monumentality of the project.

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40 water photography and underwater world images

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Today we present you 40 water photography and underwater world images.

Water is one of the largest resources of our planet. Water covers Earth over 70 percent. No wonder there are many animals and plants live on or under the water. All known forms of life depend on water.

Lakes, waterfalls, rivers big and small, rain and ocean – water photography may be found everywhere around you. However some underwater world images require special equipment and training before you will be able to take pictures. As you see water photography may be challenging but exciting.

We hope that by providing these high quality photos, people will better understand the beauty of our water resources.

All photographs on this page are licensed Creative Commons Attribution. All images link back to the author, feel free to visit their pages to find more details.

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25 Cute Small Animals Photography

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Nature is amazing but photography of little animals may be hard and dangerous. Domestic and wild animals protect their children from the sight of people. For some pets, a beautiful photograph capturing their best qualities is very easy, while for others it is frustratingly elusive.

We tried to collect this small animal’s photography by selecting the best and cutest images available over Creative Commons License.

Most of the ones found in these pictures are pets, those tiny souls that bring us joy even in the darkest day with their big eyes and loving hearts.

Today we present you 25 cute small animals photography.

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